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Warm Fuzzies

Nice sentiments from our clients and volunteers


“We can’t thank you enough for the unbelievably awesome cakes that you created and delivered to our home for our recent birthday celebrations.  These two cakes were as delicious as they were beautiful – we all were astonished as we opened the boxes and viewed the cakes.  Needless to say, our “birthday girls” couldn’t have been any happier about their prized cakes!  Again, thank you for your extraordinary goodwill and selfless compassion towards our awesome kids!”  –Presbyterian Children’s Home, Girls’ Home

“Thanks for thinking of our children.  I wish you could see thier faces when I asked what kind of cakes they wanted.  One of them said “You are going to plan me a cake?  That is so nice!”  The look on her face was of total amazement.  Thanks again for loving our children.  For a lot of them this is the first true birthday cake they have had.”  –Angelheart Children’s Shelter

“The pastries donated by Bake a Wish volunteers were truly amazing!  They made our Mom’s Night Out an elegant event and were a favorite among the moms.  This was our most successful Mom’s Night Out event thanks to people and organizations like Bake a Wish.  Giving mothers of children battling childhood cancer a night for relaxation and pampering while sharing experiences and bonding with other moms who face the same challenges is priceless.  I want to express gratitude for your extremely generous gift of time.”  –Any Baby Can

“Last month’s cake was a BIG HIT!!!!! We had a few folks to celebrate – they really clowned around and enjoyed it when the church dining hall broke out in a rendition to “Happy Birthday”.   The youth have been homeless for a while and I had the feeling that they had not celebrated many happy birthdays with family – but this was definitely a good, happy occasion!  Please let the person who baked the last cake how much the youth enjoyed the cake!!!! The person made lovely iced flowers and had a lovely scroll on the front with the words “Happy Birthday” written on it! The cake was tasty. There were a number of candles which were lit and the “celebrated youth” had a chance to blow them out at the end of the song!  Lovely, lovely cake and it was very, very appreciated!!!!!”  –LifeWorks Youth Street Outreach Program

“Thank you so much for blessing the moms in the Family Care program at the Texas Baptist Children’s Home.  It meant so much for you to take time out of your day to bake and deliver goods to celebrate a birthhday of someone who may not have otherwise been celebrated.  Keep up the good work!  The cupcakes are already devoured!”  –Texas Baptist Children’s Home

“Thanks again for all the beautiful cakes.  I don’t think I have ever seen the girls smile so much as when they see their personalized cake!  We appreciate you and all the volunteers!”  –The Settlement Home

“Because the mom was going to receive a cake for her daughter, she made plans to have a little party with her daughter and some of her family and friends.  She was really torn before…because she didn’t have the money to buy a gift or a cake.  This way she was receiving a cake from you, a gift from us (donations from the community), and was able to have a party for her daughter.  It is really awesome that we can make this happen.”  –Safe Place

“It used to always make me so sad when I would hear moms say that they wouldn’t be celebrating their child’s birthday this year because there was no money to do so.  That this is a hard year and they will celebrate as soon as they can.  With the beautiful, delicious, and special cakes that your volunteers bring to our children no one has to skip celebrating their birthday just because this year the family is homeless and living in a shelter.”  –Posada Esperanza

“Thank you for your kind donations to our kids at the shelter on their birthdays.  Birthdays are a time when most of us are celebrating and laughing with our families.  These kids do not have that.  Your kindness lets our kids know that there are people in this world who care about them.  Thanks so much for caring.”  –Angelheart Children’s Shelter

“We had a cake delivered on Saturday for the birthday of one of the moms.  She had never really had any kind of birthday celebration for herself.  The ladies threw her a little party centered around the cake that was delivered for her, and she said it was the best birthday she’d ever had.  Thank you for making it special!”  –Posada Esperanza

“The families really appreciate the cakes!  It makes them feel good to know someone is thinking of them and wants to make their events, birthdays, and holidays special.”  –Posada Esperanza

“The mom is on such a tight budget she never would have been able to get a cake for her baby’s 1st birthday without your kindness.  My job humbles on a daily basis with the kindness of others helping others.  Blessings to all of your “Cake Angels”……”  –Marywood Child and Family Services

“Most of our clients have never had the opportunity to get a birthday cake made especially for them, and they enjoy getting to choose their own theme. It really means a lot to them!”  –LifeWorks Emergency Shelter

“Just a quick note of HUGE thanks for your organization. We have been WOW’d by your volunteers and the cakes for our children. Such a warm and personal touch for them and the Home. Thank you for such gracious generosity.”  –Helping Hand Home for Children

‘Thank you so much for providing an incredible service to the girls we serve.  The cakes are beautiful and are getting fabulous reviews from the children.”  –The Settlement Home

“Thank you for the cupcakes for Valentine Day.  Our families enjoyed them for several days.  Your organization is so generous to the Texas Baptist Children’s Home.  We really appreciate all you do!”  –Case Manager, Texas Baptist Children’s Home

“We were a foster family growing up.  I remember the days that our foster brothers and sisters arrived in our home, scared and often with nothing but a trash bag full of a few belongings.  It was always to important to make them feel secure and loved, and for them to know they would not miss out on important celebrations and rituals in what we considered everyday life.  We learned through them how much the little things mean when you’ve never had the little things…even something as simple as a birthday cake.”  –from one of our Volunteers

“Thank you for thinking of us and wishing to bless us.  The blessings of cakes to our children is AMAZING.  Many of our children have never had a personal birthday cake.  They feel so honored when they see the cakes.  It makes them feel so special.  Thank you to everyone who helps our kids get cakes.”  –Angelheart Children’s Shelter

“The cupcakes your volunteers made for our Fundraising luncheon were perfect! They were so delicious and people were raving about them! One woman said, “they took me back to my childhood; I haven’t had dot cupcakes since then!” Thank you soooooo much!”  –Trinity Center

“For two of our clients so far, the cakes they received through your program were the first birthday cakes they had ever gotten. Amazing, isn’t it? An 18th and 19th birthday as the first time someone receives a cake. Thanks to you and the volunteers, this was made possible for them.”  –LifeWorks Transitional Living Program

“I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks — you have made a significant difference in the lives of abused, abandoned, and neglected children in our community.  These vulnerable children of all ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds were removed from their homes — typically from life-threatening situations — right here among us in Central Texas.  With your help, many children in Central Texas begin life all over again, and their fresh start gives them hope for the future. For this we say, thank you.”  –Austin Children’s Shelter

“We received the cake and it was just perfect.  I found out from the children’s advocate that spoke to the child about her “wish” for a cake and she had actually mentioned a “2 floor” cake.  We hadn’t noted that in the cake request form because the advocate hadn’t passed on the request thinking it was too specific.  But how amazing that the volunteer created her wish cake anyway!  It was beautiful.”  –Safe Place

“I was in foster care as a young person.  I know how easy it is to become hopeless when you are a young person in a situation that you cannot control.  A birthday cake reminds a person that their existence is valued.”  –from one of our Volunteers

“I wanted to let you know that the last cake we received was probably the best tasting white cake I have ever eaten!  The little girl loved it!  We are very grateful for your service!”  –cottage parent, TX Baptist Children’s Home

“Everyone thinks your cakes are awesome!  We are always excited to see what your volunteers have created each month!” –The Settlement Home

“We are having so much fun with your program. The clients are so thrilled to have this opportunity and gift provided for them. In the short time we have been participating, I want to let you know that there is already anticipation built up for the clients when they know their cake is coming, and it’s very fun to reveal the creations to them when they get home from school or work on their birthdays.”  –LifeWorks Transitional Living Program

“Thank you so much for this program!  It puts lots of smiles on our clients’ faces.  The cakes are AMAZING!”  –TX Baptist Children’s Home